Journey across a vast and varied landscape in PvE mode on the quest to hunt and fight monsters, earning NFTs and $NSOL tokens.


Challenge other players in PvP battles for ultimate supremacy and earn $NSOL from battle outcomes.


Create expansive guilds and wage war against others. Unite with other players to share your NFTs, assets and earn more $NSOL.


Epic Guild Raids

Lead your guild through perilous dungeons and be rewarded with unique NFTs.

Endless Dungeon

Enter a bottomless dungeon and find your match! The deeper you go, the higher the rewards.

Land Wars

Unite with other players to own valuable land pieces or conquer them from other guilds.

Amusing Quests

Indulge in daily quests that will appear on the map and earn rewards by completing them.

Ultimate NFT Metaverse on Solana Blockchain

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