General overview

Edensol is a revolutionary gaming metaverse that combines fun-packed action with the use of groundbreaking NFTs (non fungible token) Solana technology. Players can win in-game rewards in NSOL tokens (play-to-earn gaming) and purchase in-game tools and characters represented by collectible and rare NFTs, all of which have economic value in the real world.

Edensol combines the best features of games like Path of Exile and Diablo 3 to offer players unprecedented play-to-earn features and the widest array of special gear NFT upgrades. Players can choose among three unique types of Hero characters: Warrior, Ranger, and Mage, each with special strengths and weaknesses. Each Hero engages in a unique quest to hunt for monsters in story mode, or alternatively directly challenge other players in one-to-one battles for ultimate supremacy. Edensol’s landscapes, characters and their ranking, and storylines make for a highly engaging and addictive gameplay with a potentially global user base.

Quick summary

In Edensol, the player purchases a character token that they use to fight increasingly stronger Monsters. These Monsters occasionally drop armor pieces, swords and other rare and collectible gear items that players can then use to become stronger, level up, or trade. As players become stronger, they can fight stronger monsters to win rare gear items and bigger rewards.

  • Fight Monsters!
  • Win Special Battle Gear! (collectible and tradable NFT’s)
  • Level up! (fight your way to the top of the leaderboard)

Edensol: Main Game Elements

The main gameplay elements of Edensol are constituted by Battles, Skills, Gear, and Player Characters.


Battles take place on a 2D plane from a first person perspective. The Hero faces a set of Monsters who unleash an immediate attack. The player then chooses which Monsters to fight first, what skills to use, and how to time the attacks. Heroes can also battle one-on-one against other Heroes, to establish dominance and ranking within the game. The strength of the Hero depends on the experience level, amount of battle Gear owned, number of types of Pets owned and other special cosmetic characteristics. Heroes with higher rankings can then fight stronger monsters, unlock higher reward tiers, and achieve higher NFT valuations for their character.


Each player equips a Hero with a number of skills to be used in battle against Monsters, adding a layer of strategic depth to the game. These skills will either weaken Monsters, poison them, or alternatively help a Hero regain strength and heal. Each skill has its own requirements and a cooldown period, which prevents the player from using them repeatedly during a single battle. Monsters also possess skills they can use, although to a much lesser extent than Heroes.


Gear represents all the arsenal of battle tools that Heroes can use to fight Monsters, farm the strongest NFT pets, and win battles against other Heroes. When Monsters are defeated, they drop gear items which then can be picked up and used by players to boost their game stats.

There are two types of gear: common and uncommon. Common gear items are easy to obtain and are dropped relatively often. Uncommon gear items belong to different groups. They are NFTs that can be won during battles, traded between players, or bought with NSOL from the Edensol in-game shop. These are dropped less often and are more rarely found. The rarer they are, the stronger they boost a player’s game stats, with each item belonging to a rarity tier.

Gear Item Categories

All in-game gear items belong to special categories. Except for a few notable exceptions, players can equip Heroes with only one item per category at any given time. The gear item categories are:

  • Main hand
  • Off hand
  • Helmet
  • Body armor
  • Leg armor
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Rings

Gear Item Levels

Every time a player wins a battle, the gear items used become stronger and more valuable. Each item will have a maximum strength level that it can achieve, after which the player has to replace it in order to fight stronger Monsters. Higher level items will have specific requirements the player must meet in order to use. Players with lower rankings will therefore not be able to use high-level gear items.

Gear Item Modifications

Uncommon items can be modified by the player to add new abilities and effects. Players can also increase a gear item’s strength level without fighting monsters.

Gear Item Enchantment

Players can enchant gear items to make them stronger by paying a fee in NSOL tokens. Enchanting an item also adds additional effects to it. Each item can have only one enchantment, which the player can replace with other ones at will. This can be done up to a maximum of seven times, with the fee increasing each time.

Gear Item Mining

When gear items are dropped during battle, they are not immediately available as NFTs. Players can choose to mint them as NFTs for a small fee payable in NSOL tokens. Minted items have a slightly different UI compared to non-minted ones.

Ultra-Rare Gear Items

Edensol will feature a limited amount of ultra rare gear items with completely unique artistic features and effects. These items are neither craftable or mintable, but can be earned as rewards or bought from other players. In the future, players will be able to trade these NFTs on secondary marketplaces, such as

Player Characters

To play Edensol, each player needs a character token. Character tokens allow players to equip Heroes with items and progress through the game. They can be bought from other players with NSOL tokens or summoned using a summoning stone.

Player Game Stats

Just like gear items, characters have a number of energy levels that measure how much they possess of each special ability. These energy levels include:

  • Strength – Measures strength-based skills and weapons.
  • Dexterity – Measures dexterity-based skills and weapons.
  • Intelligence – Measures intelligence-based skills and weapons.
  • Health Points – Health points determine the player’s life levels and damage taken.
  • Mana – Used to cast spells and abilities.

Each player receives an equal amount of each energy level. The starting levels of some players will be higher than those of others, which will give them an advantage. These starting levels cannot be changed.


Each player character has a birthsign, which is randomly generated and cannot be removed or modified. They usually provide a positive bonus, but may in certain situations have a negative impact.

Experience Points and Leveling Up

With every Monster destroyed, a player character gains experience points (XP). Upon accumulating a certain amount of points, the character is able to level up. Leveling up a character grants it a certain quantity of energy that they freely distribute, making the character stronger and allowing it to equip itself with higher level weapons and gear.


If a player decides to summon a character instead of buying it from another player, they can do so by using a summoning stone. There is a finite number of these stones and they can only be used once. It is possible to get a summoning stone as a very rare drop. These stones will have different levels of rarity. The rarer the stone, the higher its value and the stronger the character it can summon. This determines the starting energy levels of the character and its birthsign.


When a character is summoned for the first time, its appearance (clothing, hair style, skin colour, etc.) is randomly generated. Its appearance has no impact on any character stats.

3rd party NFT integration

The game ecosystem will support numerous types of popular 3rd party NFTs that players might have, such as Bored Apes or Crypto Punks, to showcase users’ unique profile and NFT collections. After connecting their wallets, Edensol will recognize the NFTs and offer to equip them as medals. These medals do not add any in-game advantages in terms of stats, but appear next to the player’s avatar as decorative elements viewable by other players.

Experience Boost

Battling enemies by itself does not provide a player with a lot of experience, nor does it allow the player’s weapons to become stronger. To counteract this, each player is provided with numerous experience boosts each day. Winning a battle with an experience boost multiplies the XP points the player earns and boosts the gear item level. Boosts cannot be bought, accumulated, or traded, but are instead distributed for free each day.


Heroes can farm pets to help them fight monsters during battles. By farming pets with special characteristics, and with greater battle frequency, Heroes can create unique fighter-pet combinations that win battles and make the Hero and Pet NFTs more valuable.

Like monsters, each pet will have a set of skills and stats that they use during battles. The stats measure each pet’s HP, damage and armour, and determine the pet’s battle performance. The skills are launched automatically as soon as they have completed cooldown. The skills that the pet receives cannot be changed.


Eggs need to be purchased in order to acquire pets. Eggs are crystal structures that trap the spirit of a pet. These spirits hatch in a set amount of time displayed on the egg itself. By regularly checking on and “feeding” the egg the player charges it up. The higher the egg’s charge at the moment of hatching, the stronger the pet will hatch. The outcome of each individual egg is randomly determined, with a certain percentage of eggs becoming powerful battle pets. Players need to purchase eggs with NSOL tokens in a certain quantity to ensure they will raise a stable of strong and useful pets.


The game takes place in the Island of Ero – a magical island of dangerous creatures, hidden dangers, and mysterious treasures.


The world map will be divided into thousands of levels that are unlocked in sequence. This means that the player cannot start a new level without completing the previous one. Each part of the map will represent a distinct biome with unique visuals and monsters. Each biome will contain between 20 to 50 levels.


Guilds are player-made groups that work towards shared goals and share their winnings. Guilds have two main roles: leader and member. Any other roles can be created and assigned by the guild leader.


To create a guild, the leader needs to pay a registration fee in NSOL. This gives them a guild with 7 total free slots. Expanding the guild by another 7 requires another payment. Each expansion of 7 costs progressively more making larger guilds expensive to build.

There are three main things guilds do:

  • share their earnings and items between their members
  • occupy lands to generate passive income
  • participate in guild raids to fight for rare NFTs

Sharing earnings

Each guild can set their membership tax which gets deducted from the player each time they earn NSOL in the game. This can be either set for the entire guild, role or for each member individually and is controlled by the leader.

In exchange, the guild leader might provide their members with character tokens, gear and pets to make their progress quicker.

Land Wars

The entire gameworld of Edensol is divided into numerous pieces of land each of which can be conquered by a guild. Land generates passive NSOL for the guild.

To conquer the land the guild needs to be “parked” at that location. If another guild wants to take over the parked land, they need to defeat every guild member of that location in an asynchronous PvP battle. 

A guild must have a minimum of 7 members to take over a piece of land. If they have more than that they can also attempt to conquer adjacent pieces of land increasing their passive income.

Guild Raids

Guild Raids are extremely difficult weekly dungeons that do not generate any NSOL rewards but award victorious guilds with unique NFTs. These dungeons reset every week and can only be completed once by a single guild. Their rewards are distributed on a first come – first serve basis where the first guilds receive the highest value gear while other subsequent runs get progressively cheaper items.

A raid consists of numerous preset levels with monsters and have to be completed in succession of one another. Each level will have to be defeated by a varying number of guild members for it to be completed and a new one unlocked. If the guild does not manage to complete the raid before the week runs out, it is considered lost and no rewards are given.

Participating in a raid costs NSOL that has to be paid out by the guild leader.


There will be different types of events the players will encounter as they travel the island of Ero and fight monsters. There are two types of events – local and global.

Local events happen during normal gameplay. As players start a level, the game will randomly create events. Some events will boost some of the player’s stats, while others will provide more complex challenges with the promise of higher rewards. There will also be events that allow the player to enter a secret hidden zone with a series of challenges that need to be cleared. These challenges may be harder or easier than the level the player is currently in.

Global events, on the other hand, occur simultaneously in the game at predetermined times and are announced in advance. These events involve specific types of gear drops in specific zones of the map. On the day of the event, the players will be notified that specific categories of items will be dropped in greater quantities in these zones. This will generate a greater sense of community among players and more variability in terms of gameplay levels.


Quests will appear on the player’s map once per day and will not refresh the next day unless they have been completed. Quests will most often require the player to either clear a specific zone a number of times or kill a certain number of specific Monsters. Completing a quest rewards the player with either experience points, NSOL tokens, crafting materials, or a combination of these. There will be three quests available per day and all of them will provide the player with guaranteed rewards.

Each day a special quest will also be presented that will be significantly harder than the others, but will offer a greater overall reward. These special quests will generate a completely new location for the player to fight in that will only be available for the duration of the quest. After the quest is completed, the location disappears.


The arena allows players to battle it out against other Heroes instead of Monsters, in a Colosseum-type gladiatorial battle. As characters enter the arena, they are matched with other characters with similar levels of power. Winning players are rewarded with NSOL tokens.

Arena bets

Players are allowed to bet on upcoming fights, which are announced one hour before they start. Both opponents, their gear, and their skill levels are visible to everyone, to allow for informed betting. Betting is done with NSOL tokens, with winning bets also paid in NSOL tokens.


The player can accumulate some passive income for each character they have by setting that character to guard the town. Each character can guard a position in Edensol for a chosen amount of time. The higher the overall stats of said character, the more rewards they can accumulate.

Endless Dungeon

The Endless Dungeon is a weekly event where players are able to enter a dungeon that has no end. Their goal is to go as deep into the dungeon as possible. Each deeper dungeon level provides the players with higher rewards. If the player dies in the dungeon, they have to start again from the beginning. Dungeons can only be exited once every five levels, and if the player dies before exiting, all of the loot they have accumulated is destroyed.